Kristie Baker


About Kristie Baker

Do you ever feel like no one's listening? Me too. We've got so much on our plates already and the complicated process of moving is absolutely daunting. It seems unlikely that anyone will actually take the time to see something through from start to finish.

Hi, I'm Kristie. I'm a mix of professional prowess and country girl at heart. I'd rather be out riding my horses in the sunshine and country air than sitting behind a desk. Tromping around country property is one of my favorite things to do. I love to discover the values and challenges of each property with my clients, it's like a treasure hunt and oh, so many treasures I've found for my people. Are you an investor? Or looking for a family compound? Or to downsize? Hey, I've found deals where there was nothing on the market! You know what else is fun? Negotiating the deal and finding solutions to the many challenges that could arise. How about we work together, I promise I'm a great listener - and you can find that next perfect house while I get to help you -Most likely in boots and jeans! Kristie Baker